Connecting Human Services to Community

Our Vision

We seek to enhance the value each person has in a community that nurtures success and fosters social equity.

Nuestra Visión

Buscamos lograr el valor de cada individuo en una comunidad que nutre el éxito y fomenta la justicia social.

Our Mission

Opening doors to create new opportunities through culturally competent education, workforce development and social services so collectively we can create a better community.

Nuestro Objectivo

Abrir puertas y crear oportunidades a tráves de servicios culturamente competentes, en educación, potencial de trabajos y servicios social, para que en forma colectiva, podamos crear una comunidad mejor.

Our Values


Nuestros Principios


In 1977 a group of leaders came together to address concerns regarding the lack of employment and educational programs available to disadvantaged youth and adults.

ConXión to Community (ConXión) is a community-based, non-profit 501c(3), which has successfully provided education, workforce, behavioral health and other social services to disconnected youth and adults since 1977. Our mission is “Opening doors to create new opportunities through culturally competent education, workforce development and social services so, collectively we can create a better community.”

We are committed to people, partnerships and long-term solutions that will bring about social equity for all. With this in mind, we ask you to join us to expand the circle of hope by your generous giving of your time and resources so that together, we can make a difference for a better and brighter future for those less fortunate in our community.


Because of the immigrant makeup of San José, ConXión is sensitive to the special cultural and language needs of monolingual and bilingual participants. We do not discriminate based upon race, class, gender, ethnicity, age, disability or sexual orientation. Ninety-five percent of our staff speak, read, and write Spanish.

In the words of César Chávez, “Si Se Puede!”


New Name, New Brand

In 2014, realizing our potential outreach to the greater community and the need to verify ourselves more clearly to it, we decided to create a new message about our Vision and Mission. Carlos Pérez, the agencies creative director, known for being the artist that in 1977 designed the Apple Logo. He was also a member of the original marketing communications team for Apple Computers, Inc.

Our new name and logo is based on a Nahuatl (Naw-wha-tl) cultural symbol “Ollin” derived from the words “Yollotl” meaning heart and “yolistli” meaning life. Ollin means to move and act now with all your heart. To experience the Ollin factor, we have to get “All In”!

We believe in a holistic approach that truly addresses the many barriers and needs that our participants face on a daily bases, such as; truancy, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, homelessness, relationship violence, peer pressure, harassment, gang violence, joblessness and school failure.

Community Engagement

Our process of community engagement often involves integrating practices of preventing discrimination, correcting imbalances, and managing relationships of difference. These tools can help to increase diversity, promote cultural competence, and enhance organizational credibility and effectiveness of our programs. ConXión builds ongoing, permanent relationships for the purpose of applying a collective vision for the benefit of our community.


ConXión offers participants assessments of basic skills, career interests and career ability. Most training programs also provide a two week assessment period that allows both the participant and the instructor time to determine if this is the right training for you.

Support Services

ConXión experience shows that case management services are critical to assist individuals overcome multiple barriers to employment. ConXión Case Managers are experienced in providing assessment and case management services to hard-to-serve individuals, meeting with them on a regular basis to monitor their progress, address any issues that arise, and make adjustments to their Individual Employment Plan, as needed. Staff has strong knowledge of and established relationships with a wide range of resource referral agencies throughout Santa Clara County. Case Managers identify other types of assistance that may be needed by participants, including transportation, uniforms or tools required for employment, and child care.

Case Managers are responsible for ensuring that each participant makes progress towards the end goal of program completion, and then of employment, that the participant’s civil rights are not violated and that each trainee upholds ConXión’s standards and follows its regulations.

ConXión’s Profile

Board of Directors is 77% Latino, Executive Management is 100% Latino, Staff is 94% Latino

Financial Statement: 6-30-17_Audited_Financial_Statements

As cornerstones to our vision and mission we value; Equity, Opportunity, Education, Community, Cultura, Advocacy and Leadership.