Day Worker Employment Center

The Day Worker Center (DWC) seeks to provide a dignified setting to connect workers and employers. We strive for the empowerment of all workers through fair employment, education and job skills training, with the goal of achieving full economic self-sufficiency. Open to anyone looking for employment, whether it’s for a day or for obtaining permanent employment.

The DWC provides transitional employment to non-traditional job seekers by connecting local small businesses and homeowners with skilled day laborers while ensuring fair wages and good working conditions. Employers are largely residential construction contractors and homeowners who need immediate help with home repair, cleanup, or maintenance projects. Workers are paid directly by the employer based on the Center’s recommended rate of $15-20 an hour, depending on the job.

The Center is equipped with bathrooms/showers and a full kitchen where participants can develop a daily routine of good hygiene and nutrition. Participants are provided with two meals a day: two hot meals at the Center and a bag lunch for the work site. At intake, participants are interviewed by the Case Manager or Employment Specialist who formally assesses their skills and helps them identify a plan to address their barriers to employment. Armed with first-hand knowledge and insights about each worker’s job preferences and abilities, DWC staff effectively and efficiently matches participants to jobs. ConXión provides opportunities for workers to transition to permanent employment once they are stable enough to enroll in longer-term training and employment services.

How To Hire A Day Worker:

1.  Call in advance OR come by 749 Story Road, Day Employment Center (rear of building–look for the orange door).
2.  Describe work to be performed and number of workers needed.
3.  Tell us date, time and location where work is to be performed.
4.  Pick up worker(s) or provide directions to the location.
5.  Pay worker(s) agreed upon rate of pay at completion of work.
6.  Give us feedback about work performed.

Under federal law, if an employer hires someone for casual work or if the labor is sporadic, irregular, or intermittent, the employer is not required to fill out an I-9 form—the INS form that request information about workers permission to work in the United States.

Center is open seven days a week from 7:00 am-2:00 pm. 408-993-0837

Job Placement Assistance

ConXión Job Readiness workshops will provide you with the skills you need to obtain and retain employment. Our assistance includes a combination of career counseling and skills assessment, along with guidance on writing a resume, drafting a cover letter and filling out a job application. Our most popular workshop is “Utilizing the Internet for your job search” providing participants with over 100 job sites. Our Employment Specialist then helps job seekers find appropriate position openings and works with them to prepare for interviews. ConXión alumni are provided with lifelong job placement assistance.